Roof Cleaning

  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • Soft Washing Options Available
  • Colorbond Treat & Softwash
  • Chemical Treatments to Minimise Exposure
  • Growth Inhibiting Post-treatments
  • Lichen removal
  • Moss Removal
  • Mould Removal
  • Algae Removal

Roof Cleaning Across the Entire Perth Metro Area

100% 5 Star rated and using commercial grade equipment.

Based in Kalamunda and covering everywhere from Yanchep to Mandurah, we service the Greater Perth Region.

Why Choose Roof Cleaning

It doesn’t take long before a roof can look old, dull and a bit worn out.

The price of a roof restoration can be enormous, but fortunately it’s not usually required. A roof clean can leave your roof looking rejuvenated, refreshed and almost new for less than a fifth of the cost of a restoration.

Most roofs start to degrade in appearance due to an accumulation of dirt and growth. Lichen, moss and algae are quick to proliferate in the porous surface of tiled roofs, creating unsightly blemishes and causing dirt to get stuck in the growth structure, where it would otherwise wash off with rain.

The best remedy is a combination of chemical treatment and high pressure wash. We use pre-treatments to help oxidise the root structure of any growth, so that we’re able to remove it while minimising exposure of high pressures to the roof.

Once Lichen and other growths have been removed, there is some residual staining that remains. Our post-treatment will remove the remaining staining and shadowing while preventing future growth.

Our team are fully insured and trained, so you can have pece of mind while having your roof cleaned.

Talk to Us About Your Roof

man standing on tiled roof with pressure washer

Roof Cleaning

No matter the type of growth or the amount of dirt, we can clean it.

Mould Removal

Pre-treating and high pressure cleaning to remove mould based growth.

lots of lichen on roof

Lichen Cleaning

With a deep root structure, Lichen requires a deliberate approach.

Best Practices

We utilise safe working at heights procedures and the best cleaning methodology to avoid water ingress.

algae on roof tile

Algal Growth

Removing stubborn grime and growth to refresh the look of the tiles.

house that has had half the roof cleaned

Total Transformation

The difference is simply incredible.

A WA Family Business

Operated from Kalamunda in the heart of the Perth hills, we’re a locally operated family business.

Quality is Our Goal

We still believe that reputation and word of mouth are critical to sustaining a good business.

From the moment you call, we’ll make honesty and communication a part of the whole process.

100% 5 Star Rated

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