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Why Choose Pressure Cleaning

Concrete, pavers and liquid limestone are all sold to home builders and renovators as solutions that will leave your home looking classy and modern, with the expectation that it will continue to look the same.

Unfortunately, these products fade, and become stained and overrun with growth, alarmingly quickly. 

A myriad of problems such as staining, growth, fading and degradation become present in most common driveway surfaces.

Liquid limestone attracts the most growth, concrete is easily stained and pavers fade the most while accumulating the most dirt in it’s larger pores, but they are all susceptible to the same problems.

Most pavers are concrete based with a pigment that creates the colour. These pavers are marketed as though they’re a brick product. Bricks are clay based and flashed at temperatures which lead to vitrification, leaving them resilient to staining, growth and dirt accumulation. Pavers don’t have these qualities and stain and fade easily.

Fortunately there is a solution:

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side by side of limestone path

Algal Growth

Bringing liquid limestone back to life with a pressure clean and post-treatment.

side by side of driveway after pressure cleaning

Dirt & Oil

Pressure wash and degreaser to restore colour and lift staining.

side by side of concrete features after pressure cleaning

Lichen & Dirt

Lichen appears as small black spots on concrete and is best removed with a pre-treatment and pressure wash.

before and after of limestone around pool being cleaned

Multiple Growths

A pre-treatment, high pressure clean and post-treatment helps remove all growth and residual staining.

bricks before and after being acid washed

Cement Residue

Acid washing cement residue from bricks or other surfaces.

bricks being acid washed to remove mortar

Mortar Residue

Acid cleaning mortar residue from new brick installations.

Limestone: The Ideal Breeding Ground for Growth & Staining

Builders and contractors sell limestone installations with promises of a classy and elegant looking home, that will continue to look great into the future.

Unfortunately, limestone deterirorates very quickly in its visual quality. Sometimes it only takes a single winter before the bright cream coloured surface you paid for is marred with marks of green and brown and covered in black spots.


Limestone, and in particular liquid and reformed limestone, is very susceptible to multiple types of growth. Lichen is the most difficult growth to remove from limestone. It’s a symbiotic growth of fungus and algae that not only forms an unsightly appearance on the surface, but it also forms deep, tendril-like roots that permeate deep into the limestone, making it impossible to remove with pressure alone.

Liquid limestone is made by pulverising limestone and mixing it into a cement and aggregate mixture. It’s essentially just a lighter and smoother concrete, but with it’s own host of problems. The calcium carbonate in the limestone creates an alkaline environment which is a prime breeding ground for lichen, moss and the like. It’s porosity allows for moisture to store, feeding the organisms and its light surface reflects enough light, keeping the surface cool enough to not kill the growth.


Limestone flooring is sold as an enduring product that will enhance the look of your home, but it’s unfair that it only lives up to this expectation for a short while.

We see these problems every day and know that it’s a very common problem with limestone products, despite marketing claims by the manufacturers.

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